The content is thorough and robust, and covers every aspect of medical education expected of a graduating medical student. The systems-based organization is replete with disease, drug, and bug topics that tell the patient’s story from beginning to end, allowing for complete integration of basic science and clinical content to help prepare students for USMLE, NBME, and COMLEX exams.
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Universal Notes is a study tool unlike any other ever developed. For the first time, everything a medical student needs to know before they become a doctor is coming together in one place. The organizational framework for the educational content is competency-based and intuitive, allowing for rapid identification of curricular material.
Unlike other information sources, Universal Notes is being meticulously built by medical students and medical educators who understand the processes of accreditation, the requirements for licensing exams, and most importantly, the primary goal of exceptional patient care.
Quiz Yourself!
Universal Notes contains a built in Q-bank. select questions based on specific basic science categories as well as by systems. In addition, students can now choose a specific topic, such as diabetes, and focus only on questions for that topic.
Each question has complete explanations for correct and incorrect answers. Want to know how you are doing? Check out the Q-bank progress screen!
Track your progress
Follow your progress for Competencies, Questions, Patient and Procedure logs, and see which types of patients you are having the most (and least) exposure to in order to balance out your experience as a future well-rounded clinician!
Log Patient Encounters & Procedures for Residency Applications
There is nothing more appealing to a residency program director that an academically qualified applicant who can demonstrate their passion for their specialty. One way to do that is by providing evidence of the numerous exposures you have had during your training.
This feature allows you to do just that! Imagine being able to attach to your dermatology residency application, a numerical report of every patient you have seen over the last four years with skin conditions, the number of biopsies you performed, the number of times you have sutured etc. How impressive it would be to let your program director know you are ready to start your residency off running!
Accreditation Tracking for Institutions
For the first time ever, Universal Notes provides a full medical curriculum tagged according to the key accreditation standards for which medical schools are held accountable, including LCME, Core Entrustable Activities for Entering Residency, and the Graduation Questionnaire. No more months of searching for material, preparing reports, and tying up faculty in lengthy meetings. Simply push a button for the summary report.

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